Destination Sjælland

Region unique products

Since you can taste well-being, consideration and quality, the eateries within Destination Zealand take pride in using unique local products.

From soil to mouth 

Since you can taste well-being, consideration and quality, the eateries within Destination Zealand take pride in using unique local products. 

Here you can explore the vines at Røsnæs and Sjællands Odde, where you also find the edible seaweed growing along the coasts. Pad the organic cows and pigs or pull the vegetables straight up from the soil at Lammefjorden, before you supply yourselves with delicacies from the local fish monger. 

Along the small roads of Zealand, you will find numerous small farm shops where you can buy crisp vegetables or large fresh farm eggs. The booths by the roads tempt you with freshly harvested potatoes and sweet bright red strawberries, and you can supply yourselves with juicy apples, pears and other fruits at the many Pick Your Own farms. 

Destination Zealand almost has its own Wine Region and within 50 kilometres you can visit both the vineyards at Røsnæs and at Sjællands Odde, and they produce the most amazing prizewinning wines. The Zealand wineries have specialized in white wines, rosés and sparkling wines, and the winegrowers happily offer guided tours that can off course be concluded with a nice wine tasting. However, it is not solely wines that are being produced within Destination Zealand. Several places producers have also specialized in the production of gin, liqueur, mead and other liquors. 

If you want to start up the grill or spend time in the kitchen you can buy fresh fish on the quayside at the lively harbours in Bisserup, Reersø and Rørvig, and Omø and Sjællands Odde are at the forefront when it comes to seaweed products, which can be used as spices in the culinary creations or simply as an alternative snack. 

When you sit down by the table at the restaurants you will get an exquisite culinary experience. Whether you visit the Michelin starred restaurant at Dragsholm Slot or one of the many other restaurants, they focus on hosting and good service. 

The many eateries are widely spread across all of Destination Zealand with the cafes as beautiful oases in the boroughs, cosy gems in the forests, unique places by the coast or in symbiosis with farm life in the countryside.     

Every year in weeks 41 and 42 you can discover eateries, producers and unique local products when the food festivals Smag Lokalt and Grand Cru takes place. Here the eateries and the producers gather so that, as their guests at a large number of local restaurants, you can taste the many different and creative interpretations of local products – as a guest you can prepare yourself for a culinary experience out of the ordinary. 

Enjoy and eat locally!