Destination Sjælland

Fun for kids

Destination Zealand is packed with funny events and exiting activities for kids and childlike souls.

Fun for kids 

Destination Zealand is packed with funny events and exiting activities for kids and childlike souls. Hundreds of kilometres of child-friendly, safe beaches and shores invite for outdoor activities for both children and adults, just as you can toss yourself into the waves from the springboards at Filmtorvet in Holbæk. 

You can explore the world of the Vikings and other historical figures along with Ester & Vester. There is a lot of space and time to play and enjoy yourself far away from tablets, TVs and phones.  

It is a lot of fun and activities for children and the rest of the family when you spend a day at Kragerup Gods, where you get to go up in the air in their Go-High roping courses and you will get a lot of tickling in the stomach in the Go Bounce trampoline courses.  

In amusement park Sommerland Sjælland the whole family can frolic in the many rides and activities, and the lovely green areas provide plenty of opportunities to relax and recharge between the rides. 

You have to pick and catch the right crab when you do a crab race at Reersø or Rørvig Havn, where the lanes are ready all year round. 

However, you can also explore some of the many forests in the area, walk along the shores or borrow some children´s fishing nets at Fugledegård and see what you can catch at the edges of lake Tissø. 

At Røsnæs you can enjoy unique nature, visit Røsnæs Naturskole (nature school) or the lighthouse, from which you have a full 360 Degrees view of the island Samsø, the Great Belt Bridge and a lot of other things.  


If you want to explore history experiencing exiting activities for kids, you can visit the Viking site Trelleborg with a fortress and more, the Observatory in Brorfelde, the working cooperative village Andelslandsbyen Nyvang or the Panzermuseum East, and also there are a lot of fun animals at Odsherred ZOO Rescue.  

At Birkegårdens Haver there are gregarious mini pigs and you can ride the donkey, before spending hours at one of the many playgrounds in the garden. 

Should the weather be dull you can visit some of the many museums in the area, where you can go experience hunting with Ester and Vester, for instance at Sorø Kunstmuseum (art museum) and Kalundborg Museum, just as you can spend a lot of hours having fun in the public indoor swimming pools at Holbæk Sportsby, Korsør, Vig and Kalundborg among others.