From the Ice Age to the Cold War

Inspiring Ice Age, savage Vikings, deadly Middle Ages and breathtaking art. Within Destination Sjælland you can walk hand in hand with artists and great personalities within more than a 1000 years of changeable Danish history. 

Whether you are into star moments, Cold War memories or need a cultural injection, you will find some of the most exciting attractions and experiences on Zealand.  

Vikings play a vital role in the story of Destination Sjælland, where Trelleborg Viking Fortress, the impressive ring fortress of King Harald Bluetooth, gives you the possibility to see the only Viking shield in Denmark, feel the smoke burn in your eyes in the reconstructed long house or participate in the Viking festival in mid-July, where more than a thousand Vikings set up camps around Trelleborg. 

Further north you can visit Fugledegård Viking Center where you can see the world´s largest find from the Viking Age – the impressive Tissøring, made of 1.8 kilos of gold. 

For more than 500 years Fugledegård was the royal residence (Kongsgård), and is part of Naturpark Åmosen. The Kongsgård and the surrounding buildings are excavated and marked so that you can explore it on your own, or you can have a guided tour.   

Within all of Destination Sjælland, Museum Vestsjælland provide the history from a not so distant past. You can visit the city museums in Slagelse, Kalundborg, Sorø, Holbæk and Skælskør – or have a closer look at school life with punishment bamboo canes, lunch bread with fat on, and styluses at the school museum in Flakkebjerg.   

At Sprogø it wasn’t only the punishment cane that was used when the employees at the girl´s home took care of the residents that were diagnosed “morally deficient”.   

Every year a limited number of guided tours to Sprogø are arranged, and on those tours the history of a pirate´s nest to Denmark´s traffic centre is being told.  

Star moments are awaiting the entire family when you visit the observatory in Brorfelde, where you can learn about both the universe and the nature surrounding us. 

The kids can explore both the Trelleborg Viking Fortress, Kalundborg Museum and Sorø Kunstmuseum (art museum) where they arrange an experience hunt together with Ester and Vester 

Along the way you will meet known figures from the past, just as there will be questions that will provide you with more historical knowledge.  

Sorø Kunstmuseum (art museum) is a lively house presenting more than 300 years of art, beautiful architecture and a lot of activities. The exquisite collection of the museum contains app. 2300 pieces of artwork, ranging from the 18th century up till today.  

At Oplevelsescenter Nyvang (Exploratorium Nyvang) you can visit a reconstructed Danish city from the middle of the 20th century. Here you can touch, taste, smell and play your way through Danish history, while you take a bite of the food culture, pad the domestic animals or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. 

Large shiny vintage buses, polished vintage cars and impressive eastern European military vehicles – you find it all at Danmarks Busmuseum (bus museum) and Panzermuseum East (military museum), and they will give you plenty of satisfaction if you are into polished chrome and octane. 

If you are into galleries and crafts and arts, the west coast of Zealand will tempt you with numerous locations where you can meet the artists while they are working.  


Every year the vines generate grapes for the winegrowers in the area, who have won prizes both nationally and internationally for their wines several times.