Destination Sjælland
Vikingeborgen Trelleborg

Culture and history

On the shoulders of the giants of culture. For centuries culture has flourished within Destination Zealand and has references all the way back to the early history of Denmark.

On the shoulders of the giants of culture

For centuries culture has flourished within Destination Zealand and has references all the way back to the early history of Denmark. From the famous authors Saxo, Holberg and Ingemann, all with a close connection to Sorø and Sorø Akademi, to H.C. Andersen who was a frequent guest at Holsteinborg and Borreby Herreborg by Skælskør, to the Swane artist family in Plejerup, further on to Absalon, Esbern Snare and Lundby all of whom have put their clear marks on Kalundborg.  

Along the coast of western Zealand artists thrive with the view of the open expanses and the beautiful coastline. Here you find numerous galleries and artists, each with their own unique expression.

Amidst pottery turntables and brushes you can visit the local artists while they work on their art pieces. You can also visit the many Museum Vestsjælland museums, Hempel Glasmuseum and Sorø Kunstmuseum (glass and arts museums) with their exciting alternating exhibitions.  

You can explore the history of the Vikings when you visit the impressive ring fort of Harald Bluetooth, Trelleborg, or visiting Tissø and Fugledegård in Naturpark Åmosen (nature park). Every year both the Viking fortress Trelleborg and Fugledegård are invaded by numerous Vikings when they set up a Viking festival and a Viking market. You can also feel the breath of history walking among barrows and passage graves in Geopark Odsherred or when you are looking at the stars in the infinite sky from the observatory in Brorfelde. 

The boroughs in the area – Kalundborg, Holbæk, Korsør, Skælskør, Slagelse and Sorø, each presents their own uniqueness and charm.

Here you can experience city walks, boardwalks, half-timbered houses, the old Middle Age and modern urban atmosphere with cosy cafes, lovely eateries and of course splendid shopping possibilities – whether you are into shopping streets or shopping centres. 

If you want to explore other attractions on Zealand and experience different aspects of Danish history, you can visit Danmarks Busmuseum (bus museum) in Skælskør, Panzermuseum East, Solvognens Fundsted (the finding place for a cult artefact from the bronze age) in Trundholm Mose, Oplevelsescenter Nyvang (working cooperative city) or walk around Korsør Fæstning (a fortress) 

Culture life flourishes within Destination Sjælland offering a lot of current or classical theatre performances, concerts with both national and international performers, the latest movies for instance in Korsør Biograf Teater, one of the oldest working cinemas in the world.