Destination Sjælland


Plenty of opportunity for a fish slime high-five

Plenty of opportunity for a fish slime high-five 

Comprising around 500 kilometres coastal and fjordic lines Destination Zealand is a very attractive area for anglers with a passion for coastal fishing and sea trout.

However, the coasts, the fjords and the Great Belt also offer great opportunity for mullet, flatfish, cod as well as garfish and mackerel when in season.

Both in the northern part and in the southern part of the area you can also try fishing in some of the many streams and lakes where you can catch perch, pike, walleye and carp. And you can try your luck in one of the put and take fishing lakes or board one of the tour boats in the area, setting off from Korsør, Holbæk, Rørvig and Sjællands Odde.  

Whether you like fly fishing, predator fishing or simply want to take the youngest members of the family ashore, there are plenty of fishing possibilities, providing optimum chances to celebrate the catch with a fish slime high-five. 

The course of the year offers several events where Fishing Zealand for instance arranges the annual edition of the competition Fjordlandet Open. For more fishing events, see Events and Events of the day. 

Don’t forget to purchase a fishing licence, Fisketegn: 

Anyone between the age of 18 and 65 fishing in Denmark must be in possession of a valid fishing licence. You can buy the licence online at 


Campsites and shelters

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