Destination Sjælland

City life

Within Destination Zealand the shopping sprees aren’t far away from each other

From one shopping spree to another 

Within Destination Zealand the shopping sprees aren’t far away from each other. The trip from the edges of the water and the holiday houses at Ellinge Lyng, Svallerup, Kobæk or Stillinge Strand to the authentic city life in Holbæk, Slagelse or the vibrant holiday villages Nykøbing Sjælland and Rørvig isn´t long


In Holbæk you can step directly from the deck of the sailboat onto the city´s shopping street, offering a wide selection of intriguing shops, cosy cafes and activities. 

The maritime area of the city has a nice selection of restaurants and other culinary temptations with a beautiful view of Isefjorden, and Filmtorvet offers a lot of green areas and a harbour bath. The city at the end of the fjord also has a rich cultural life with theatres, cinema and venues. 


Slagelse is the number one shopping city in West Zealand, where the city centre, the pedestrian street and Vestsjællandscenteret ensure a varied selection of shops, just as culture has good terms with a cinema, venues and a lot of activities for the whole family.  

Downtown you can also explore some of the many beautiful churches and learn about the history of the city, and both children and adults are offered the chance to get really close to the past.

Rørvig og Nykøbing Sjælland

When Summer starts and the holiday houses become inhabited, Rørvig and Nykøbing Sjælland flourishes. Here you find vibrant city atmospheres with shops, restaurants and all you may wish for during the lovely Danish summer days. The kids can do crab fishing, have some ice cream or you can taste some of the unique local products, there are plenty of possibilities.


Kalundborg has the fjord as its next door neighbour. From lively activities and exciting events in Havneparken, the city extends up the slopes and offers a borough filled with atmosphere and cosiness. In Højbyen in Kalundborg you find the largest collection of medieval houses in Denmark. Here you also find the city´s beautiful landmark, the church Vor Frue Kirke, with its five towers. The old part of town shows a unique part of Danish history, and you also find Denmark´s smallest house there of only 22 square metres and 12 rows of tiles.


The history of Sorø is a unique chapter, and might as well have been written by either of the famous authors Saxo, Holberg or Ingemann, all of whom have connections to the city. You can walk in the footsteps of the authors when you visit the beautiful abbey, where the important Bishop Absalon and King Valdemar Atterdag lie buried, among others. The abbey is located together with Sorø Akademi at the shores of Sorø , and here you can enjoy a walk in the academy garden right at the end of the city´s shopping street, a street with all kinds of shops.


The small colourful cobblestones pop up as small artistic oases in the cosy cobbled street Algade, that winds through the small seaport Skælskør. The old borough has become central to a large number of ceramists and artists who gladly open the doors to their studios where they work with clay, paint and other materials. 

On Skælskør Havn you can breathe in the fresh air and have lunch, just as you can discover the city form the seaside on board the tour boat Skjelskør V. 

Zwischen Drehscheiben und Pinseln - Destination Sjaelland


In Korsør the focal point is the sea, having the Great Belt Bridge conspicuously on display in front of the city. Here you find small cosy fishermen´s houses in every colour of the world, Denmark´s most beautiful inlet, Korsør Nor, and the old ferry port Halskov Færgehavn, offering a lot of action and activities when trying the diving tower or the climbing wall. 

At the fortress Korsør Fæstning the canons are still pointing towards Great Belt, an area with roots back to the Middle Ages and that has given land to Korsør Slot, Swedish defences and the Magasin building, which was built by King Christian IV.